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Please thank Chargeurs for cutting ties with this farm,

le 05.10.15 19:22

PETA recently revealed cruelty to sheep at "sustainable" farms in the Ovis 21 network in Argentina and is now exposing another wool farm there. At this farm, workers cut off parts of gentle lambs' ears, put tight rings around their scrotums, and cut off their tails—all without any pain relief. Shearers hit sheep with electric clippers, slammed them to the floor, and kicked and stood on them. Fast, rough shearing left many sheep cut and bleeding, and they weren't given any painkillers before workers used a needle and thread to sew up their gaping wounds.

After receiving the footage, Chargeurs—a company that supplies wool to retailers around the world—cut ties with the farm, which it had trusted for years. The cruelty documented on this farm is not unique, and similar abuses have also been found at dozens of farms and shearing sheds across Australia and the U.S. There's simply no such thing as "humane wool," and that's why rejecting wool is the best way to help protect lambs and sheep from abuse.

Please thank Chargeurs for cutting ties with this farm, and ask that it move completely away from buying and selling wool—as more and more consumers look for clothes that are not the product of cruelty, it's a good time for it to make the switch to vegan wool.

Thanks for everything that you do to help animals!

Kind regards,

Dan Paden
Associate Director of Evidence Analysis
Cruelty Investigations Department

PS: Together, we’re making a tremendous difference in the lives of sheep and other animals. Your generous donation today will help us do even more to end abuses like those seen in the latest PETA exposé.

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This e-mail was sent by PETA, 501 Front St., Norfolk, VA 23510 USA.
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